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Alpha Omega Education & Training Systems, Ltd.

We develop software that helps students of all ages achieve their full potential. Our current products are specifically concerned with mathematics; however, future products will address the equally important issues of reading and writing, English, individual science subjects, and social studies.

Mission & Vision
The digital revolution has made it possible to use computers in applications that can individualize education and training in ways that would have been considered impossible fifty—or even twenty—years ago. Many have entered this field, with many products that have merit; however, costs attached to them have outpaced affordability.

Our mission is to provide educational and training software of the highest quality. Our vision is that it be made affordable to every school, every student.

Our Math Products

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Archimedes® - Our premiere product, designed for K-12 schools to provide interactive math education support, based upon academic content standards of No Child Left Behind as well as meeting or exceeding your state’s academic content standards. Archimedes® provides assessment tests and a database which teachers, schools, and school systems can use to generate management reports as well as school, class and individual student reports. It is compliant with NCLB as well as Title I-the Communication with Parents Act.

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Math 1-2-3® - An interactive mathematics education tool for pre-K and Kindergarten students, designed especially for use by parents in the home to fortify early math skills.

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Math Wizard® - An interactive mathematics tutoring tool and learning resource that can be used to bolster and refresh skills throughout your lifetime, as a student, or as a parent.

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Targeting Success® - A computer-based program that helps students set goals, develop resumes, search for jobs, develop interviewing skills, and become financially literate.

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Medical Math® - A tool to assist medical support students (nursing, physician or dental assisting, phlebotomy, X-ray, ultrasound, physical therapy) in applied math skills for their
professional training.



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